Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Booking Train Tickets Online

Recently I had to book train tickets for one of my relatives. Naturally, I went to the IRCTC website first. But that day the IRCTC website was quite slow. It took me a couple of minutes just to log in into the website and then the list of station would not show up in the drop down menu. I got pretty frustrated and decided to use the MakeMyTrip for booking the ticket. 

It was a breeze using the MakeMyTrip website. The User Interface is much better designed than IRCTC. And the best thing is that even though you are booking for a particular date and a particular class of travel, you can view the availability for other classes as well as the availability for adjacent dates. While in IRCTC, you can only check the availability in adjacent dates in the same search - you cannot view the status for other classes.  

Once you make your choice, you have to fill in the passenger details and make the payment. The ticket will be emailed to you immediately. You can also take a print then and there after the booking process has completed or email the ticket to some other person of your choice. Overall, a very good experience and fast experience.

However, MMT will charge you Rs 20 as a service fee. But, I felt that it is worth trying out. Give it a shot and you will find it a much better experience than IRCTC.

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