Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tintin - The Movie

If you are a fan of Tintin (and who isn't?), just go and see the movie. Period.

Just like any other boy, I was a fan of Tintin during my school as well as college days. I am still a fan. I still remember that when I had my sacred thread ceremony in 1992, I got some cash presents and my first instinct was to buy a Tintin book and a Sony Walkman. And in 1992, a Tintin book cost Rs 80. That was a lot for us then. All the others were read by borrowing from the library or friends who were gracious enough to lend their copy. Just checked the price of the set now and it costs Rs 6545 on flipkart. A lot still!! And Tintin is something that you love reading again and again though you know what would happen by heart. The illustrations form the magic of the book and one of the reasons the movie is so good is because of the fact that those colors and the background just come out of the book. The movie feels so close to the book. Steven Spielberg deserves a lot of credit for keeping the core of the book intact. The motion capture technology that was used in the movie really makes the movie come to life and you can really feel as if you are reading the book itself.

The other aspect of the movie is the 3D format, which is simply amazing. If you have seen Harry Potter in 3D and then you watch Tintin in 3D then you can feel the difference. It just feels so real and makes the experience much more intense. But I am sure the 2D format would be more than enjoyable as well.

The other aspect is that the filmmakers have tried not to alter the story too much and have stuck to the original script. That is not something that you can say about other adaptations - like the second part of Harry Potter 7. Since HP 7 was so huge, the filmmakers really has a tough time to fill in everything and a die hard HP fan might be disappointed with the movie. I definitely was.

And last but not the least is the fact that you identify very well with the characters. They just come to life. The best of them is Captain Haddock. He is simply hilarious. Tintin is not bad either but I feel that the Captain just steals the show. Of course, we also have Thompson and Thomson!

The movie just drives you back to your childhood days and you will have a smile plastered on you face throughout. So, do not miss this. Go and have the adventure. And watch it in 3D - makes the experience that much better!          

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